Sunday, 17 April 2016

Friday night/weekend sewing

Well, thanks to Wendy I've finally finished one block of my Gossip in the garden quilt...yeah. I completed the the dresden plates from my last post, so it's on to the next two!

I've also been having fun with with my clam shells...I'm only one row away from having a panel of clam shells for the back of my project case (see last post).

Today I started playing around with background and applique fabrics for the front, and found some beautiful woolen felts that will be perfect for the roof... I picked these up from Hatched and Patched at the Sydney show the year before last...I knew I 'needed' them...

I can't wait to have it all ready to go...I just love the hand stitching that follows.

Thanks Wendy for the virtual sew-in. I'm off to have a look at what others have been up to.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

New Project....

I know in my last post I said I would not start a new project....but I just couldn't resist this one!

Leaving Newcastle yesterday my husband suggested taking the scenic route home and, much to his surprise, I said yes ( I normally take the quickest route possible!). What he didn't know was that I was hoping to come across a quilt shop whilst passing through small towsnships...and so we did.

 As soon as I walked into Dungog's Creative Crafts and Fabrics I found a quirky bolt of fabric designed by Lynette Anderson and a couple of others from the same range. Well, I just had to have them...I knew they would work perfectly with the patterns in her book I purchased last year.

I love the dog!

I then came across a little project bag which was waiting to be decorated - this was also perfect (of course). The shop's sample was decorated with clam shells which I haven't had any experience in, but it certainly got the creative juices flowing.

With my head full of ideas I spent today with a patchworking friend and teacher who threw open her scrap bags and we came up with this...

The dull blues and browns are very different to my normal choices but I'm liking how they've been lifted with a few others. This is going to be the back of the project bag.

I'm planning a stitchery and applique design for the front, drawing from the same fabrics. This is based on a pattern in the book I mentioned earlier - I've already chosen the threads and background.

And after a clam shell 101 course I'm on my way!!!

You've got to love holidays...

Sunday, 3 April 2016


Wow...I've made it back to blog land.

This is the first time this year I've picked up needle and thread for something other than hemming school uniforms!

I opened up my Gossip in the Garden 'quilt in progress' and decided that hand sewing was the way to go. I had some dresden plates ready to be stitched onto their background fabrics. It was a perfect way to get going it meant I could talk non-stop as there wasn't much thinking involved!

I caught up with a friend who moved to the Gold Coast late last year, so stitched and chatted all day Saturday. And to top it off, I sat on the verandah Sunday afternoon and just kept stitching. Still a way to go....but I'm so enjoying the journey.

Thanks so much for the inspiration.