Saturday, 8 April 2017

Friday night with friends

I had an early start yesterday and spent most of it on the machine (not my favourite!) trying to finish the periwinkle stars which sit around the central block of my Gossip in the Garden quilt. I actually started these about two and a half years ago but I really don't enjoy foundation piecing so simply left them for another you do!

Well I decided to just get it over with and set myself up with talking books, podcasts, netflix - anything to keep my mind off what I was actually doing!!! Still have more to go, but definitely getting there.

Thought I was being clever using foundation papers (accuracy and all that...), next time I'll make some templates and stick to EPP - much more enjoyable!!!

After dinner my friend joined me for a night a stitching. A couple of weeks ago we decided to do a project together and chose a little needlecase from this book from Anni Downs..

We decided to throw a few little squares in there

I loved working the stitchery - so relaxing.

Last night we started putting things in place - introducing my friend to needleturn applique - she's a natural...

We didn't get too far but enjoyed the slow pace, a cup of tea (I would sound much more decadent but it gives me a headache!) and the knowledge that lots of others were at home enjoying the same...

Thanks for the night Cheryll...I always feel motivated by these virtual sew ins. Very impressive -hosting whilst on holidays!