Sunday, 19 March 2017


Thanks Wendy for organising Friday friend came and joined me and I continued on with my hexies.

I'm still deciding on how best to use them on this block...maybe something like this...

Throughout the week I worked on a couple of blocks which I've been putting off for at least 12 months (I actually sat at the machine!!!!) I surprised myself by enjoying the process...

This morning I started tidying up my sewing room and found some Christmas place mats which were sooo close to being finished...just needed backing and quilting.  While I was still feeling positive about my sewing machine I completed these...

...and found these...

...for another day!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

EEP preparation

This is the first time I've joined the party and don't really have a lot to show...

I've been working on my Gossip in the Garden quilt so put together this little star.

It doesn't look much does it...but if you've joined in this link I have faith that you know just how much time goes into the smallest of projects!!!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Friday night....

I've been powering through some needleturn blocks for my Gossip in the Garden quilt
(by my standards anyway!)...although it took me the whole night to complete this little cup cake.

I'm intending to 'frame' this with some hexies which are ready to go...

I'm using these as a bit of a break from needleturn too...there is so much more to go.

Here are some of the other blocks I worked on last week.

Thanks for the sew-in Cheryll...sorry about the late post...I've been sick in bed after a big weekend with family in Sydney. I'm off to check out what everyone else got up to.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Make Friday night a big one!

Cheryll is kindly hosting Friday night with friends this Friday (3rd March)...why don't you join us? Just copy the following link and sign up...  I'm having a friend over and we'll share something yummy while we stitch. I love checking everyone's progress over the weekend too!