Monday, 5 October 2015

I was so excited to find these in the mail when I came home from my camping trip...

I can assure you I have spent quite a bit of time looking through these, oohing and aahing over the gorgeous projects.  I especially love the little cute.

I started FNwF a little early with a beautiful friend joining me on Friday for a catch-up and some stitching before I head back to work. I traced some cute christmas stitchery designs from my new book...

...and thoroughly enjoyed chatting while completing my 'no think' stitches ( I can't think and chat at the same time!!!) 

I caught up with another friend on Sunday (yes, I'm making the most of my holiday!!!) and managed to finish these little projects...

I think they are so cute...I'm planning to send these to family overseas as individual christmas ornaments...but they look so great together don't you think?

So it's back to the light box to trace some more...

Thanks Cheryll for hosting another great night (or in my case, weekend!).  I'm off to see what everyone else got up to...


  1. Hi Dianne,oh they are very cute decorations and boy love your two new books,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  2. Hi Dianne - great work for your fnwf, those ornaments are so cute... & quick!
    Sorry I can't reply to your Comment on my blog - your settings are 'no-reply' so i don't have your email address

  3. Diane Sloan has left a new comment on your post "it is official, and I don't mean the weather":

    Radka, you have some beautiful stitcheries...and that cake looks amazing..

    Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog. Unfortunately you are "noreply-comment" blogger, so I am not able to answer directly from my emails, as I usually do, so I might not be able to answer your comments in the future :-(
    I like your little stitcheries :-)

  4. lovely books and those stars look great...

  5. Lovely idea to put the stitcheries on the stars....mmmm gives me ideas too!

  6. Very nice stars! I bought both books some time ago and they have lovely ideas for Xmas and for patch wroks.
    hugs, Gloria

  7. I've seen these books too and agree, they have some great - and very cute - projects in them! I love your stars, well done on the speedy finish and good on you for making the most of your holidays :-)

  8. those are so cute... I send ornies overseas each Christmas too...