Sunday, 21 August 2016

Friday night sew in

After a week of feeling sick and four days in bed I was desperate to do something. I wasn't up to anything really tricky so I grabbed a bundle of beautiful flannel fat quarters I purchased at the Sydney show from Picklemouse Corner..three years ago!!!

Cutting instructions were included so off I went...and after a couple of hours I was playing around with placement.

..and here's the completed top...


I'm a little excited by this...I told my daughter I'd started and finished a quilt top that I only started on Friday night and she replied 'hang on, doesn't it normally take you, like, 3 years...'

I suppose I've got a lot of time to quilt the thing!  Any ideas for quilting? I want something open and simple because I want to enjoy the soft feel of the flannel...concentric circles???

Thanks Wendy, for organising this virtual sew  I'm off to have a look at what everyone else got up to.


  1. Good on you - after a week of feeling unwell it must have been a great feeling to finish this top!!

  2. Oh wow , great job .... Love that quilt.... I love to just stipple...easy to just meander along in big puzzle pieces...just enjoy..

  3. Hi Dianne ,wow you were amazing this quilt looks fantastic,well done my friend xx

  4. You must be Wonder Woman! LOL!!!! Great job

  5. Oh I love flannel.....and those colours are gorgeous.... I like your idea of circles for the quilting... to contrast with the straight lines in the piecing.... will be lovely