Monday, 25 July 2016

Friday night sew in

Last Friday I spent a few hours going through some old patchwork magazines with a friend and 'almost' finished a little project from Anni Downs' latest book.

The Sewing Day Case is so sweet and perfect for my scraps. I started the stitching as soon as I got back from the Sydney show and I've been putting it together very slowly.

Here's the book and pattern...

Here's the progress so far...

stitching and fabric choices complete

almost there...

I need to finish the ends and sew on a clip...I wonder how long that will take me!

Thanks for a good night...


  1. Oh that looks so cute. It will be so handy when it is finished. Hope you post a picture of the finished product!

  2. That is such a lovely pattern - and look great in your fabrics :-)

  3. That is a lovely pattern. Love your choice of fabrics. I too have this lovely book but have yet to stitch from it. Happy Stitching.