Saturday, 19 September 2015


Well I didn't actually do much sewing, but I did spend time in my sewing sanctuary on the phone to patchwork friends I haven't seen since starting full time work...not sure that counts!  But I have done some more work on the pencil case to be...

I also spent quite a lot of time going through issues of magazines and some of my favourite patterns looking for some inspiration for Chooky's Secret Santa Swap...

And after some serious tracing and organising I've made myself a little kit to take camping...

Must remember battery operated lights!!!!

Thanks for organising another FNSI...


  1. Anything sewing related counts in my book!
    Your pencil case will look great.

  2. Love that Birdie Pattern must stitch one day...
    Looks like some interesting research for the SSCS....

  3. Visiting via FNSI - & yes, I think anything assosiated with craft counts for the Friday evenings lol

  4. Cute birdie appliqué ....research is good for the kind...inspiration ....

  5. going through quilty mags for inspiration is TOTALLY acceptable as is discusssing quiltiness with friends!! Looks like a lovely kit for camping stitchery........please don't forget the light!

  6. I'd say you had a very successful FNSI! I love looking through my mags when I need inspiration.

  7. Sounds like you had a good evening - hope you enjoyed your camping. xx