Saturday, 22 August 2015


Well it's been a while since I've sat at my machine piecing little squares and half square triangles, as I've had constant problems with my sewing machine.  So what's a girl to a new one of course!

I picked up my new machine yesterday so I had to give it a whirl...

I've been working on Anni Down's Gossip in the Garden since she released it ( yes I know, it's been a while!!), and I've really enjoyed the handwork but have successfully avoided every single bit of machine work...until now.

I started with this one

Then this

And I'm ready to go on a few more

I'm loving this quilt even more as it comes together. I'll post some pics of more blocks soon...the machine is calling! 


  1. Nice work Diane - enjoy your new machine. xx

  2. Welcome to the blog community, Diane, but beware - it will occupy lot of your time ! LOL
    Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving a comment :-) I usually answer all comments by personal email, but your email is not linked to your profile, you are "noreply comment blogger", so I am not able to do that.
    I have become your new blog follower, but because you haven't activated "Follower List" on your blog, it will not show. Which part of the world are you in? Your profile doesn't say :-)
    I just would like to say how sweet your baby quilt is, congratulations.
    Have fun,